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Brief History

Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Incorporated was founded in Connecticut on March 9, 1997 in response to a growing need on college campuses to unite all women who believe in unconditional sisterhood, self-upliftment and commitment to community service. Lambda Psi Delta is a multi-ethnic, non-profit community service based organization that works towards the empowerment of all women. Our activities on both the collegiate and national levels are based on our five tenets, which represent the virtues of Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Incorporated.

February 7th, 1999, Delta Chapter of Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. was officially established as an undergraduate core chapter of this organization. The founders of Delta Chapter were members of the expansion group that took place fall 1998, culminating in their initiation into Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. on November 21st, 1998.

Delta Chapter Sorors serve the San Antonio, TX community.


The Five Tenets

Intellectual Development
Empowerment of Women
Cultural Awareness
Upliftment of Community